How to hide or unhide formula bar in Excel?

If your formula bar is missing in your Excel ? Need to bring back your formula bar in excel? How to hide or unhide formula bar in Excel Do not want toRead More...
By : Excelshooling | May 15, 2016

How to ON OFF Menu Bar in Excel?

 How to hide or unhide Excel Ribbon or Menu bar ?   The collection of commands are in the Ribbon. It have default File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas Data, Review, ViewRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Nov 10, 2015

Add Developer Tab in Ribbon

Developer tab is missing in your Excel ? Default Tabs : Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, & View. To bring the developer tab in ribbon Click File > Options OnceRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Nov 10, 2015

Add custom tab to excel ribbon

Using customize the Ribbon.. you can personalize the ribbon the way you want it,you can create custom tabs and custom groups to contain your frequently used commands. Customize the ribbon in excel rightRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Nov 9, 2015

Quick Access Toolbar

  In this toolbar add commands you use frequently, also you add your macro icon Quick access Toolbar will be in left top comer of worksheet, Default it have three icon  Save,UndoRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Nov 8, 2015

How to remove hyperlink in excel in one shot?

If we have Hyperlink in single cell, we can do right click on cell and click “Remove Hyperlink” to remove How can we handle, if we have Hyperlink in sheet more thanRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Oct 4, 2015

How to use excel formula to get dynamic results

Here, we will see how we can get dynamic output with a simple function.   For example, assume that you have an Excel sheet having some 2000 web domain names ending withRead More...
By : Excelshooling | Sep 26, 2015

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