What we discuss in Advanced Excel Training ?

Most of the job required excel skills, But what you learn in Advanced excel training program?

What make you Experts in Excel?

Automate, Analyses & speed up your job
Formulas make excel very special without that, Excel is just raw database.

Advanced Formulas

Using formulas you can fetch information from raw data, it help you to analysis in depth and it give solution for all complicated question from management.

Anyone can use SUM, COUNT & IF formula, as advanced excel user able to use combine formulas like SUMIFS, COUNTIF, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP formulas.

Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

Pivot Table help us to analysis huge data in simple click, Advanced excel user build the dashboard using pivot table options like Slicers, Grouping, Drill down data from summary & more.

Advanced Charting

Chart mostly showed as summary of huge data, Chart can be read more quickly than the raw data

  1. Make chart using conditional formatting
  2. Combination Chart
  3. In-Cell Chart
  4. Dynamic Chart & More

Conditional Formatting

We Change the format of each cell that meet a criteria, which we given. You can use conditional formatting to change the font, background, font style with given condition.

Can we change format manually? Yes you can. Assume you have huge data or the values change often. That is why we using conditional formatting. When cells meets the certain criteria the format change automatically. Advanced excel training course make you experts in conditional formatting.

Table & Formatting

Advanced Excel tutorial make you experts in handling huge data & present their data very impressive.

In table you can change format in one click using pre-defined format, also you can create customized format and save for re-use later.

We can sort & filter data as we want, even if we have two table in one sheet. Create calculated column easily & much more.

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